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Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose once noted G.Bruce Boyer. That explains my preference for style. It’s going against all the rules,being Unapologetic on purpose. The expression of what you feel or how you feel…it’s living in the moment and loving every bit of it. Embracing your uniqueness to the fullest.

I treasure simplicity in all facets of life. I think that we’re most of the time too busy to see beauty in the simple things,too stressed to feel special that we wind up dwelling on things that don’t count (like the societal definition of what’s beautiful). Am moved by people with immense talents,those who’re passionate and invested in whatever they take on. Those with the constant drive for self improvement-they motivate me to do the best in everything. Lastly, fashion shouldn’t be only about labels,glamour or mere glossy magazines,it should be used to make an impact on the society especially in changing the way we define beauty (it puzzles me). We need to embrace uniqueness instead of alienating those who’re different. Before i forget, am also a football fanatic,music lover and a style enthusiast at heart (seriously speaking).


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