Here’s why you need Papaya

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Before, i wasn’t big on papaya. In fact i preferred other fruits to them but thanks to the internet.  I discovered a lot of benefits ranging from nutritional to beauty to medical. Their consumption is a shield against most of the risky health related conditions like cancer,diabetes,heart diseases,weight loss among others. The list is endless and so are the means of adding it to your diet/life etc. Papaya are know to have vitamins great for the general being and hair, have an enzyme called Papain that aid in the digestion process and the fact that they have a high water and fibre content which helps in preventing constipation and  help in heart disease fight respectively. Also, they contain Beta Carotine which is as well present in carrots, pumpkins etc and helps in the control/reduction of asthma attacks. You would think that because they are sweet that they’re a no go zone for diabetics but it isn’t the case. In fact they reduce diabetes by improving  the blood glucose control in the diabetics.

For those of you who prefer raiding your kitchen for natural beauty remedies can also use papaya for making toners. Get mashed papaya and add in milk or yoghurt. Apply the paste on your face. Rinse off after 10 minutes. It’s also great for complexion improvement as it brightens it up. You can also make a hair mask by mixing ripe papaya slices with a banana and coconut oil or yoghurt. Mix and blend into a complete paste. Apply to wet hair for an hour and don’t forget to wear your shower cap to contain the moisture in. You can also wrap a towel on the shower cap . Then rinse out after an hour and follow your usual hair routine. It’s great for strengthening hair and adding that extra shine as well as keeping it healthy without any fear of harsh chemical.

If you’re however allergic to latex then it’s advisable to avoid papaya as it contains chitanases that tends to trigger allergy reactions and is present in latex as well.



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