Lets get Negative


There is plenty of great intimate brands on the market like Chantelle, Free people, For love and lemons, La Perla etc and yet i seem to be intrigued by Negative underwear’s take on the intimate apparel more and more each day. Perhaps it’s the fact that they don’t conform to the usual . Negative was found by two friends Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab who just like the rest of us, were tired of the frustrations that come with finding a great bra or underwear. The poor fittings,the overly done, too much frills, high prices, poor quality fabrics etc. And after researching for the way out, they launched their brand back in 2014 with women and comfort in mind. I love their aesthetics.



I love feeling great in my own skin without having to compromise my true self along the way. Negative celebrates you as you.

According to Marissa’s interview with guest of a guest,”the intimate apparel was a long neglected category with dissatisfied consumer base desperately looking for an alternative” thus the birth of Negative underwear. The brand rotates around the concept of Less is More (understated). It’s for the those who treasure the uncomplicated styles. The minimalists amongst us. Those who prefer undone styles over anything. I mostly loved the first collections but even the latest addition of non wired bras and high wasted undies is great. Made for your fit and comes in  Nude v1, black, White and Nude v1 with black trim. Get negative and your underwear drawer will thank you later. Hope you turn your intimate shopping sprees from your worst nightmare to your worthwhile experience.

All images by Negative Underwear.


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