Introducing #1 And Other Stories

I discovered & other stories on the Urban Bush Babes site and I must confess that it was love, lust and again love at first site. Lately everyone seems to refer themselves wrongly to Curators that the word itself has lost meaning ( until you discover this Swedish brand and your respect and faith gets restored). They’re the epitome of what I describe as “cool style”. They’re the true Curators that deserve a mention. They’re that good that sometimes you can’t help but sing praises for them. And Other Stories also had a Co-Lab capsule collection with Ada Kokosar (a freelance creative genius) that constituted of 5 looks for 5 different Silhoulettes and 5 Identities. I didn’t know much about Ada until i discovered her interview with Garance Dore. She’s an established figure in the industry mostly as a stylist that it’s only fair to say that her and  & Other Stories were a perfect fit. And other Stories has an accessories line and a  luxe beauty line that seems to appeal to the eye.  Hope you fall for them as hard as i did and I swear on all of my style Instincts that you’ll not regret jumping onto their well curated fashion train.


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